Rose Valley’ Award Winning Renovation

Award Winner

The renovation and extension of the Homestead at ‘Rose Valley’ has been an outstanding example of a complete transformation of an existing building that no longer met the Owner’s needs. This was acknowledged at the 2013 Master Builders Regional Awards – North East where this project received the award for Best Renovation/Addition $300,000-$500,000.

About the Home

‘Rose Valley’ is a large grazing property comprising 2000 acres of farmland and 2000 acres of native forest in the sub alpine range of the Australian Alps South of Cheshunt. 

Whilst the property Owners live overseas, long term Farm managers reside in the Homestead. The Owners visit frequently and reside in another house on the property previously renovated by Ovens & King Builders.

In effect the Farm Managers acted as our Clients for this project. They had very specific requirements regarding the design for the building. The Homestead is the heart of the property and as well as being the primary residence it is also the social centre for the many overseas and local visitors that come to enjoy the magnificent landscapes of the Upper Rose River. Formal and informal entertaining areas were important as was a relaxed and easy lifestyle for a young family residing in a remote mountain valley.

Creating a comfortable and thermally efficient home was a significant consideration as the Clients developed the design with Tracey Toohey Design. Incorporating increased insulation levels to walls, floors and ceilings with a very significant wood fired Hydronic heating system, the extremes of the long Winters are now mitigated.

The end result has been a dwelling with a level of functionality, country style and thermal efficiency that means the families at Rose Valley have their comfort and lifestyle catered for in a home that graces the property with a certain grandeur. 

Client Relationship

This is another Ovens & King project where the Clients have invited us to return after having successfully undertaken previous projects for them. It’s actually the third time around that we’ve worked with these particular clients to build a custom designed renovation of a building on this same property. Working at ‘Rose Valley’ has always been a pleasure for us.


The design process was a lengthy one and engaged the Clients, the Designer and the Builder. Several concept versions were developed and discarded before the final vision for the project was resolved. The final result has made the most of the existing spaces whilst enhancing those same areas. The extended floor and deck areas transform what was a humble home into a spacious and welcoming Homestead, a place that fits the Clients aspirations for the property.


We pride ourselves in our expertise and background in building thermally efficient and sustainable homes. Every project we’re involved in benefits from this knowledge and commitment in some way. At Rose Valley we undertook;
• Insulation of all external walls to minimise heat gain in Summer and heat loss in Winter.
• Air lock door to the Mudroom for ease of ventilation, air conditioning and functionality. 
• Provision of Aircell Permifloor insulation to all new floors.
• Additional levels of insulation to existing ceilings.
• Sealing of vapour barriers to windows and door frames to reduce uncontrolled air flow.
• Sealing of openings between Door and Window joinery and timber frames with expanding foam.
• Retention of Masonry walls behind the Wood Heater and the Office/ Mudroom for thermal mass.
• Cross flow ventilation – windows and doors on north and south faces allow cross-flow ventilation for cooling.
• Double glazing of Kiln dried Hardwood Windows for cost effective thermal performance.

Hot Water for general use as well as for the Hydronic panel radiators distributed through the House is provided by a large wood fired boiler. The Thermalux Belvedere 5000 is the largest in the manufacturers range and can create in excess of 50 kilowatts of heat per hour. A kilowatt is sufficient to heat 1 square of floor area so this unit has the capacity to heat 50 squares.

The completed renovation and addition to ‘Rose Valley’ has very successfully met all our Clients needs. The Homestead now possesses the facilities that provide very well for the lifestyle of its inhabitants. At the same time displaying an elegant country styling that lends a sense of grandeur to this High Country Homestead.

Rose Valley Renovation
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