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Solar Passive Design in Insulated Concrete

Returning to the North East of Victoria after some years away, our Clients have pursued a dream to live in a thermally efficient and uniquely designed new home, set amongst the natural splendour of the Warby Ranges.

Extensive consultation with Ken Sibley of NRG design has developed a plan that took advantage of the sites scope for Northern orientation, maximizing the solar benefit. The views to the West overlooking the plains below are still a feature that can be enjoyed from the House and the floor plan has been tailored to cater for the Clients individual needs. The design provides for a mezzanine style attic room accessed via a spiral steel staircase. This creates a private retreat space from the large open plan dining and living rooms.

Striking in appearance, with a grand façade from the front and a timber and glass turret at the rear, we were able to create a balance of the old and the new in the palette of materials used in construction. The wall structure of this new home is constructed from thermally efficient Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF), a styrene foam system that has steel reinforced concrete at its core. This rendered product provides a great backdrop to the feature Timber ceilings and posts.

The central fireplace, complete with glass fronted wood heater and double acting door, is masonry veneered with a faux stone, adding to the sense of contrast provided in the blend of natural and modern materials. The spiral staircase is made from powder-coated steel and is located adjacent to a two-storey glass wall, framed by 115 year old recycled Ironbark columns. This same timber is used to great effect on the corners of the semi enclosed Carport

The custom design has been devised to suit the client’s needs and reflects their own experience of what they value in their living arrangements. Whilst thermally efficient and sustainable building techniques have been used to create the fabric of the House, the 
design caters very specifically to our client’s lifestyle and future needs.

Energy Efficiency Measures

As an energy efficient home, this house has a lot to offer:

Solar Passive Design in Insulate Concrete
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