A Grand Design 1992-2010 (Staged Construction)

This house has been built in Whorouly, nearby to the Ovens River. Commenced in 1992, we have catered for the clients specific needs in staging the construction over a number of years. The final fitting out of the second stage is scheduled for 2010.

Staged Construction:

  • First stage – One bedroom cottage
  • Second stage – Four bedrooms, two bathrooms, two storeys

A grand design, very much driven by the client’s vision, this substantial project has been both challenging and rewarding. Much effort has been put into ensuring specific elements, such as joinery, are proportioned correctly so they are not lost in the scale of the building. The level of finish and the attention to detail has been of vital importance to the success of the finished product so far. The clients deserve full credit for their vision for the project and their patience in accepting an extended construction period. Ultimately this will mean they fully realize their own goals for their home in a comprehensive manner.

When complete, this house will be one of our best. The scale of construction and the use of earth as a primary building fabric mean that this will be an iconic house that inspires others for generations to come. It highlights the flexibility of earth as a construction medium in an aesthetic and a structural sense.

A Grand Design
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